Our 2016 Mahindra North Island Endurance Series campaign is complete.3 rounds, 3 finishes. 6th in class. 26th overall. 1 Team of 10 very passionate and proud Women in Motorsport.

Our stated aims for the season have been achieved, and new aims for next season have emerged. Awareness of Breast Cancer has been raised within the Motorsport fraternity and beyond. We have shown that we are serious about our place in motorsport and our message through social and mainstream media.

Our campaign for 2017 is already underway as we debrief and set out a programme for further development. We invite sponsorship expressions of interest, and community support through our Facebook page. We invite you to be part of our challenge, and to increase Breast Cancer Awareness in the women (and men) in your life.

NZBCF welcomes donations via their website, www.NZBCF.org.nz